AccurioLabel 230

Digital Label Printing

Taking advantage of the flexibility of digital printing, these orders that are difficult to handle with analogue printing press can now be handled efficiently. In addition, values can be added to the print product using VDP or numbering, which helps differentiate the user among ever-diversifying market needs.

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Outstanding Operability

Compared not only to flexography, but also liquid development and inkjet printers, AccurioLabel 230 ensures ease of maintenance. Tasks that take time on analogue machines such as colour adjustments can be performed with ease on a digital machine. The ability to perform operations simply by following on-screen instructions makes it possible to operate the machine with little time needed for training.

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Enhanced Productivity & Flexibility

To meet demands of digital printing business such as shorter turnaround and expansion of print application, AccurioLabel 230 improves overall productivity and job acceptability especially overprinting capability on pre-printed transparency or coloured media.

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Excellent & Consistent Quality

High image quality is realised by Konica Minolta's unique technology through faithfully facing the high-level needs in digital print market. Colour fluctuation is controlled within the minimum under various condition, which ensures stable and beautiful finish for the first through to the last prints. High image quality that brings higher value of printed material generates advantages for the print services.

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