AccurioLabel 230

Compared not only to flexography, but also liquid development and inkjet printers, AccurioLabel 230 ensures ease of maintenance. Tasks that take time on analogue machines such as colour adjustments can be performed with ease on a digital machine. The ability to perform operations simply by following on-screen instructions makes it possible to operate the machine with little time needed for training.

Color Centro

Equipped with colour management software as standard, allowing operation, editing and setting for colour correction, colour profile creation, etc. that best suits the digital press used.

Screen to implement calibration. Calibration accuracy can also be checked on the same screen.

Spot colour editing
A function to set special colours designated by the user. Capable of registering colours directly by selection from the colour chart

Tone curve adjustment
A function to allow effortless adjustment of contrast and brightness according to preference

Color replacement
A function to replace selected colours with others


AccurioPro Hot Folder

Simplified printing operation

AccurioPro Hot Folder allows you to directly print a PDF or TIFF file without starting an application. You can also preset the job settings and reduce the burden of making print settings

APPE 4..6

Equipped with the latest Adobe PDF Print Engine

Equipped with Adobe genuine APPE 4.6. Capability of directly printing PDF files without using the print driver enables faithful reproduction of transparency. Optional UK-218 (APPE kit) required.

AccurioPro Label Impose

Indispensable tool for automated label printing

The AccurioPro Label Impose software tool provides the perfect solution. The application not only gives operators a simple and intuitive interface to automatically impose and prepare label jobs for printing. At the same time, the software also enables users to create PDFs as basis for the corresponding cutting tools on the die cutting equipment. Working seamlessly with the AccurioLabel 230, AccurioPro Label Impose perfectly complements Konica Minolta’s label press!

Key features

- Automatic creation of label repetitions: The application facilitates and automates the creation of label repetitions on the label web.
- Variable data content: The processing of variable data content is simple and straightforward and can easily be incorporated into the automatic label repetitions.
- Adjustable spacing: Operators have the freedom to adjust the spacing between columns and rows individually and as required.
- Adding standard and custom eye marks: The application offers complete flexibility in adding standard and custom eye marks in any desired position for offline finishing
- Arranging artwork: Users can choose between automatic and manual arrangement of artwork for the label layout.
- Gang-up printing: single sheet can be imposed with just one or various selected artwork motifs.
- Die cutting tools: With the ability to detect additional separations (die lines, spot varnish, foil, etc.) and export them to PDF, AccurioPro Label Impose facilitates the production of the die cutting tools and enables additional decorations on labels.