AccurioJet KM-1 Features

Like an eagle that uses its sharp eyesight to focus on its prey

Furnished with the ability to handle a wide variety of paper types, AccurioJet KM-1 makes major contributions to printing services. Compatible with the largest paper size in the class and a wide range of types from thin to thick papers, AccurioJet KM-1 offers the ability to use an extensive range of base materials including offset paper with no need for pre-processing. AccurioJet KM-1 takes maximum advantage of the range of digital-printing applications including the inimitable merit of non-contact UV inkjets that allow handling rough surface paper to create new business.

- Maximum paper size of 585x750mm
Compatible with 585x750mm paper size larger than the standard B2. AccurioJet KM-1 significantly expands the range of paper usage and enables improved productivity by increasing the number of impositions.

The ability to increase the number of impositions of small size prints enables improved productivity and workability.

- Compatibility with diverse paper types through the elimination of the need for pre-processing
No exclusive paper types are required. Because no pre-processing such as pre-coating is required, AccurioJet KM-1 is capable of handling a wide range of base materials including ordinary offset printing paper, significantly contributing not only to enhanced paper-compatibility, but also short turnaround time through elimination of the need for warehousing and reduced number of production processes.

Printing of posters of a maximum size of 585x750mm

Capable of printing book jackets, tri- and quad-fold menus, brochures and pamphlets. AccurioJet KM-1 offers improved workability achievable by the automatic duplex printing function

- Compatible with paper thickness of 0.06 to 0.6mm.
Compatible with paper thicknesses from 0.06mm to 0.6mm. Not only ordinary printing, but also applications such as package printing can be performed on a single machine. In addition, paper thicknesses of 0.06mm to 0.45mm can be handled in the automatic duplex printing mode.

Compatible with a wide range of paper thicknesses from 0.06mm to 0.6mm and also capable of handling applications that require strength.

Outstanding printing quality on texture paper using the UV Inkjet System


- Compatible with texture paper using the UV Inkjet system.
The ability to print on texture paper, a task that presents difficulties with offset or electro-photographic printing systems, is one of the unique merits of the UV inkjet system, a non-contact system that cures without the need for pre-processing. This wide-ranging compatibility offers the ability to further improve designability and create new added values.

- Variable printing compatibility unique to digital printing.
The controller developed by Konica Minolta enables variable printing, enabling the provision of new printing services to contribute to business expansion by improving customer relations and winning new jobs.